Everyone's favorite trailer park supervisor, Mr. Jim Lahey. Accomplished from a combination of Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

T-shirt design for Preston's Gym in Johnson City, TN. Accomplished from a combination of Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. Slogan also by me.

These are of a character I created that is part of an upcoming personal project, of which I will not share any more of at the moment. They are intended to be social media posts and are formatted as such. I've included these to show that I am also capable of producing a high-quality mascot. Made with Procreate.

The first shape illustration I've ever done for a school project. I inserted my likeness onto a parody of the Army of Darkness movie poster. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Another assigned shape illustration. It deals with the opioid crisis and depicts various stages of an addict represented with human forms and the real-life local places that they end up. Of course, it's a reimagined version of the legendary painting by M.C. Escher entitled "Relativity". Created with Adobe Illustrator. 

Early voting poster I did for a class. I just like it because I think it's funny. Created with Adobe Illustrator. 

Logo and Brand Statement for a group assignment. We were tasked with creating a environmentally-conscience jean company. The signature was done by Ally Wills. 
Two versions of a brand-new fictional music festival. Created with Adobe Illustrator. 

A mash-up of two of my favorite legendary television characters: Walter White from Breaking Bad, and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. Intended to be a sticker design. Made with Procreate. 

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